This project aims to encourage sociocultural activities in Villa El Libertador through the reappraisal of the neighborhoods Centro Cultural, contributing on the historical improvements.

“Villa Libertador” Cultural Center

Villa Libertador, Córdoba

The Popular Library “Restituta Albarracín de González” aims to promote reading (consultation and texts loans in the library), workshops, exhibitions and events in here, in other places of the town and the region.

Public Library

Los Reartes, Córdoba

He young scouts group “San José” from Balnearia Town (Córdoba) wants to transcend in the community with the construction of a sustainable classroom for the Common House project, at the Juan Bautista Alberdi Institute.

Sustainable Classroom

Balnearia, Córdoba

Los Cuadraditos work cooperative was created in 2010 but its trajectory began in 2005. Its mission focuses on cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and PET plastic collection for subsequent packaging and sale to recycling companies.

“Los Cuadraditos” Cooperative

Barrio Maldonado, Córdoba

Constructions with impact

It was our last construction managed 100% by the foundation together with the contribution of allied companies and volunteers. Its measurements are approximately of seventy square meters, and we used 24,674 plastic bottles for its realization.

“Nueva Esperanza” Ecocenter

(2019) We designed and installed the first Eco-benches kit made from plastic waste, together with the students, parents and teachers from the Secondary Institute “El Salvador” of Córdoba City.

“Salvador Institute” Ecobank

(2018) We collaborated with the construction of “Engineering Without Borders” organization, in Zepa “B” neighbourhood, in Córdoba City, by donating 900 Eco-bricks to the remodelling and expansion of a community dining room and its interactive recreational space nextdoor.

“El Polito” Community Dining Room

(2018) We recycled plastic bottles that were transformed into the “Espacio Abasto” building’s walls, where the Córdoba Entrepreneurs Club works through a coordinated action with “Global Shapers”. 

Entrepreneurs Club

(2018) We recycled 18,000 PET bottles together with Coca Cola Andina, within the framework of a Corporate Social Responsibility alliance, transforming 800 kg. of plastic waste in eco-bricks destined for a bus shelter so that the employees who work in the plant have a safe shelter when they return to their homes.

Coca-Cola Bus Shelter

(2017) This was one of the first works we achieved. We carried out a construction with eco-bricks to provide the first facilities connected to the pasture (changing room, bathrooms, reception), in the Independiente Club of Alta Gracia town, in Córdoba. More than 200 children for whom sport is a social inclusion tool attend this space.

Independent Club

(2017) We built a library space together with the neighbours and the commune, in this town located in Santa María Department, in Córdoba. It was progressively expanded and now is part of a larger communal hall, where several cultural workshops and recreational activities are held for all the neighbours.

“Los Aromos” Communal Room


We can help you make your project come true

The Foundation devised the Cause Bank as a support tool to raise the necessary funds to produce the eco-bricks that will be donated to a particular cause. Complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible.