Villa Libertador, Córdoba

The cultural center is a non profit civil association. Since 1973, born in the city of Córdoba as a popular, cultural and political alternative, which through self management proposes open activities for the whole community. Different artistic and cultural proposals are offered in the space, such as theatre plays, puppetry, literary shows and the space is also used as a meeting point for neighborhood meetings and assemblies.

The main beneficiaries of this project are children, youths and adults that they are part of the Cultural Center, and the community of Villa el Libertador in general that uses the space for activities, assemblies and diverse cultural artistic shows.

This project aims to encourage the sociocultural activities in Villa el libertador through the reappraisal of the neighborhoods cultural center, contributing on its historical repair.

The importance of the strengthening of the building lays in this space being the only entertainment hall in Villa el Libertador and its territorial area of influence. Through the improvement of this space it is intentes to acquire the approval as theatre hall of the multipurpose room named “Sala teatro estudio uno”. For that end, is necessary to build the new restrooms, because the current ones don’t have the right dimensions nor the right characteristics in a infrastructure level. It is aimed, through this project to build a new complete restroom section, including one bathroom specifically adapted for people with disabilities.