Nueva Esperanza, Córdoba

The Nueva Esperanza Neighbourhood emerges as a land takeover three years ago. It is located northwest of the city of Córdoba between the San Isidro Private Neighbourhood, the Police District and the Norte Neighbourhood enterprise developed by the GAMA company. The neighborhood consists of more than 900 families, mostly from the Peruvian and Argentine communities, who are struggling to have their first home due to the lack of provincial and national public policies in this regard.

In Córdoba, as in the rest of the cities of the country, it is increasingly difficult to access housing and urban land. Córdoba has a qualitative housing deficit, according to official data, which exceeds 200 thousand units, has more than 90 thousand people living in settlements or fiscal land and 13% of the population lives in overcrowded conditions. This panorama, coupled with the increasingly high costs of rents, the lack of comprehensive solutions, makes the growth and establishment of settlements become a strategy for access to housing practically inevitable.

The Foundation generates Eco-Centers model of 70 m2 in order to collaborate in the development of the community through the donation of a common space in which to carry out workshops, school support, medical visits, neighborhood meetings, etc. In these Eco-Centers 4000 bricks are used that are generated from 80000 plastic bottles or 4000 kilos of plastic. This Eco-Center is a starting point to build a better world. Become a PLASTIC AGENT TODAY!