Los Reartes, Córdoba

Currently the library operates in a rented place. This means that the growth of the library, both in bibliographic material and in activities for the community, has been extremely reduced because of the lack of means to continue growing. For example, the reading room does not have adequate measures to provide greater capacity for readers and You cannot hold workshops or exhibitions open to the community.

With this cause, it is intended to reduce the maintenance costs that the library currently has; some of the needs the library is working on are; more space to display bibliographic material; to ensure a large reading room where you can consult bibliography and a computer sector with Internet access for members; to have a suitable sector for the realization of the workshops and exhibitions (and gallery for the same purpose). Also the possibility of using the outer space for activities of workshops and events of the library in the unbeatable surroundings of the neighbourhood square.

The library is attended by students, children, adults for different courses, teachers, workshops, and the community in general. It is a space for meeting, training, and cultural entertainment.