Sustainable Classroom

Balnearia, Córdoba

The “San José” Scout Group from the Town of Balnearia in Córdoba, Argentina, (belonging to” Scouts of Argentina Civil Association”) integrates a global movement of people with the same principles and ideals in pursuit of building a better world. Its mission is to contribute to the education of young people through a system of values, collective learning and human growth, where people fully develop and play a constructive role in society. The medium is non-formal education that enhances the special abilities of each individual. The “San José” Scout Group is a group of young people and committed adults who carry out different community activities, in harmony with nature and the objectives that people pursue for a better quality of life; it is a group that draws on dreams and projects.

Currently the group is in the “roverism” instance where young people find genuine opportunities for empowerment and learning life skills, assuming an active and leading role in their immediate surroundings. This is why they thought of a proposal to add to the “Common House” project. The term refers to our planet Earth, which is the house that we all share.

The purpose through the construction of a SUSTAINABLE CLASSROOM at the Juan Bautista Alberdi Institute with eco-bricks is to raise awareness, inform, educate and motivate the inhabitants of Balnearia, about sustainable architecture, taking as an example their “first sustainable community building “; and thus invite the population to transform their own homes by creatively contributing to the resolution of environmental problems in everyday life.

The classroom was designed and planned for the implementation of many technologies and alternatives in relation to the sustainable development goals set by the UN, the same in addition to the construction with eco-bricks will develop: solid waste management, renewable energy use, recovery of rainwater, solar hot water tank, biodigester, wind power generator, among other variants.