Cooperativa Los Cuadraditos

Barrio Maldonado, Córdoba

Los Cuadraditos work cooperative was created in 2010 but its trajectory began in 2005. Its mission focuses on cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and PET plastic collection for subsequent packaging and sale to recycling companies. There are currently 31 people who are actively working, and have reassumed the project of a Multiple Uses Room (SUM) building within the Cooperative land, located in Villa Parque (Maldonado Neighbourhood), in Córdoba City. The SUM building started in 2005 along with a non-governmental organization, but the construction never finished due to lack of funds. It was the women of the cooperative who began to raise this building in order to carry out community activities to improve the situation of many families.

This SUM embraces the community of Maldonado neighbourhood, carrying out activities such as trade workshops, after-school tutoring program, medical consultation visits, neighborhood meetings, and a community dining room for the locals.

The cooperative is the voice that reveals the social struggle and the value of work, becoming in a referent that transforms local realities.