Ecoinclusion Foundation

We are change

We are a foundation created in the city of Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina. Our main purpose: improving the economic and social conditions of the most vulnerable sectors of society, eliminating the contamination of plastic waste by transforming them into constructive solutions.


We developed a triple impact proposal for the planet and for society, which consists of the following points:


We propose a concrete solution to pollution by plastic waste, and reduce the environmental footprint. We also work on environmental awareness, informing, sensitizing and educating all the actors that are linked to Eco-inclusive causes in the construction of a more sustainable world, facilitating practices to incorporate into everyday life.


We add value to a part of the plastic waste transforming them into building materials (eco-bricks) and by collaborating in the economic development of a community in a vulnerability situation, we add up with the economic development of the country. Within the Eco-Network system, urban recyclers, cooperatives and others participate. Having a fixed collection allows them to secure a monthly income in their pocket, and they maintain decent working conditions.


The eco-bricks that we generate are destined exclusively to constructions in vulnerable areas, constructions that have a visible impact (community centers, libraries, clubs, etc.) by providing new tools for the inhabitants. This translate into accessibility to newly earned citizen rights. We also contribute to the development of the community through training on new technologies and different training instances in order to foster opportunities to improve their living conditions.

Generate a triple positive impact, through “INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS” that have as origin the RECYCLING of plastic waste and as a final destination the EMPOWERMENT of the SECTORS IN VULNERABILITY SITUATION of the society. We want to be an organization – replicable in nature – that provides social and ecological technology for sustainable inclusion.

“TO BUILD A BETTER WORLD”, becoming a leading NGO in Latin America, recognized for the innovation and scalability of its procedures and its management model, capable of executing actions with social, environmental and economic impact. We yearn to be a vehicle for the promotion of rights and to be noticed by helping build an increasingly inclusive and opportunity-generating society.

SOLIDARITY: is the central value that mobilizes the entire organization and its projects.
INNOVATION: not only in our product line. We seek to innovate the management model to guarantee the implementation of our projects.
INDEPENDENCE: guarantees us freedom of action. We do not depend on governments to finance our production or the implementation of the Projects.
TRANSPARENCY: we are an “open organization”. With all processes managed for the community and with a formal system of accountability.



Fabián Saieg

Co-founder - President

Fabian is one of the founders, was born in Alta Gracia. His work is ensuring the proper functioning of the Foundation. He has a degree in Business Administration and loves to travel.


Leandro Lima

Co-founder - Treasurer

Leo is one of the founders and coordinates all the operations of the plant, from the collection of plastic waste to the birth of the brick. Leo is a percussion and sound technician and our library in terms of plastic types.


Paula Arias

Project Coordinator

Pau is responsible for managing all the projects of the Foundation. She came to work with us from Spain and Mexico. Her studies involved engineering and is dedicated to travel the world with her backpack.


Victoria Revol

Operations Coordinator

Vicki is responsible for coordinating the integral operation between the different areas of the foundation and the community in general. She is one of the youngest members of the team and is the one with more experience in territory work. She also collaborates with other NGOs in Latin America.


David Loyola

Plant manager

David is responsible for the perfect operation of the production plant. He likes to spend his free time with his family and play with his two young daughters.


Guillermina Graf


Guille deals with communication at the Foundation and she has a degree in Public and Institutional Relations.
In her spare time she likes to draw and garnish plants.



We are Agents of Change through education, we offer you a practical guide to know about how the Foundation, the eco-brick and our triple impact system works. A simple guide to strengthen and articulate the contents related to the environment.