Ecoinclusión Foundation was born in 2014 among a group of friends from Alta Gracia (Córdoba-Argentina) who, as a result of the pollution problem, wanted to develop an entrepreneurship that linked the social with the environmental. Young people came to know the technology of the Eco-Brick and an idea began to take form a few months later. Along with the support of the community, these friends began to germinate very strong ideas and steps to take. Nowadays, the growth of the foundation is exponential as it was at the very beginning. Here are some achievements in our little story that made us who we are today:

  • We have been working since 2014 in the Córdoba province territory signing collaboration agreements to generate social and environmental impact with the municipalities of Alta Gracia, Malagueño, Los Aromos and Córdoba City.
  • We participated in the PROESUS program of the Ministry of Environment of the Nation in which we received an incubation of 6 months by the company IDEA FACTORY with which we carried out our work model.
  • We Intervented in territories through construction, training and talks in Alta Gracia, Los Aromos and Córdoba.
  • We have been selected as “Best Recycling Program” by YABT, Organization dependent on the OAS (Organization of American States).
  • We have also been selected as beneficiaries of the “Emprende Industria” program of the Government of the Province of Córdoba, receiving technical and economic support.
  • We signed work agreements with various companies: Coca Cola Andina, Fiat, CNH, Amerian Hotel, Bagley, Olapic, Grupo Disal and Zemts, with which we generate programs to empower people in vulnerable situations through recycling networks.
  • We have been selected as an innovative project by the ILUMNO network through the S.XXI University.
  • We were winners of the Google Challenge 2017, and got selected from more than 2300 initiatives, accessing international financing and a work plan with Google. org and ASHOKA LATAM.
  • We received training in Social Project Management provided by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and PMI (Project Management Institute) during the month of October 2018.
  • We participated in the Congress of FIIS (International Festival of Social Innovation), in Santiago, Chile during the month of December 2018.
  • We were recognized by TADEA 2018 for contributions to science and technology.
  • We designed and executed (with the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation and 3C-constructions) the Project “Training in urban solid waste recycling networks -RSU- and in production of recycled plastic blocks”. Project executed in seven locations in the Argentine Republic, in the first half of the year 2019.
  • Finally, we won the 1st prize of the MOVILIZATE contest for NGOs from Argentina, sponsored by the Renault Foundation. June 2019.