ECO-BRICKS have the appearance of a conventional cement brick but are lighter and more insulating. 0,66 kilos of plastic waste or 20 bottles (1.5 liters capacity) are needed to make a brick.

The brick manufacturing process resembles the traditional production of building bricks: the plastic is crushed, a mixture is made by adding sand, cement and water, and it is transformed into bricks with a block used as a master mold.

The bricks set by having contact with the air. That is, during the whole process there is no need for heat.

A construction of 70 m2 involves approximately 4000 bricks.

The plastic used to manufacture the spare are the ones that no longer have an added value in the market (it is not recycled) and can be crushed safely and easily.

Revolutionize your plastic !

Become a community replicator

Being an ecoinculsion replicator is the opportunity to transform the worls starting from your community. The amount of plastic waste pollution increases day by day in earth, just like the lack of jobs for informal recyclers and cooperatives that need to be a part of a circular economy. The Eco-brick is the tool to approach both problems and generate an integral value proposal for our society, and for the planet.